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We work individually with you to formulate a home prepared natural raw meat diet that is unique to your pet’s nutritional requirements, advice on supplements & support you with techniques to stay on track with your pets nutrition plan. 

Training of Foals


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Telephone Consultation


Half an hour telephone consultation on any nutritional subject you may wish to discuss. Please note that diet formulations cannot be done by phone.

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Analysis Of Current Diet


This consultation is for pet owners already feeding a home-prepared diet but unsure if the diet meets their pet’s nutritional requirements.

This includes:
A home visit nutrition consultation for pets with no health issues.
Analysis of your current home-prepared diet in order to establish nutritional values.
One balanced custom-formulated recipe.The recipe will include very precise amounts of specific ingredients and added sources of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFAs).

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Puppy Consultation


This consultation is for dog owners who would like to feed their puppy a home cooked diet.

Puppies are a lot of fun but their nutritional needs are not as straight forward as an adult dog. It is vital their diet is providing the correct amount and the right composition of key essential nutrients to give a puppy the best possible start to life.

This includes:

A home visit nutrition consultation for your puppy. It is a process with frequent email contact with dietary changes as necessary to accommodate your puppy’s changing dietary needs from his current age to adulthood.

A thorough evaluation of your puppy’s age, current weight and expected adult weight, breed, activity level and the foods he or she loves to eat.

The use of nutrient math to put together the correct mix of ingredients and supplements to ensure the diet will provide all your puppy’s nutritional needs.

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Health Concern Consultation


Nutritional intervention is a critical part of managing disease. An appropriately formulate diet has been shown to prolong survival time and improve quality of life in pets with health concerns.

The very best diet for pets with health concerns is one that is formulated for that individual. A home-made diet provides flexibility in that the diet can be tweaked to find the ideal diet to manage the condition long term. That sort of dietary flexibility is not possible with a commercially produced pet food.

This consultation includes:

A home visit nutrition consultation for pets with health problems.

A thorough evaluation of your pets previous and current health. Your pets age, weight, breed, activity level and the foods he or she loves to eat.

A custom-tailored diet plan 

Two months follow-up to ensure the diet plan is in keeping with your pets condition(s). 

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Follow Up Consultation 


Additional time might be needed for those pets with multiple medical issues or health concerns such as allergies or other conditions that require more in-depth analysis and on-going adjustment to the diet. Or for owners who simply prefer extra support to get into the new routine.

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